Elite Spa Amenities

As a discriminating, sophisticated pet parent, you understand that establishing a regular grooming schedule for your furry best friend is important to their mental and physical well-being. Petite Pup Mobile Pet Grooming believes in the whole pet, peaceful minds, healthy bodies, contented spirits and offers customized grooming care specific to your pet’s needs. We embrace this holistic philosophy in pet care as we continually keep ourselves educated about the purity of products we offer to give your pet the ultimate in “eco-pampering.”

Gentle Organic Products

Our all-natural products safely and gently cleanse your dog or cat without any side effects such as dry skin or allergic reactions. No worries about harsh shampoos stinging your pet’s eyes or drying their coats. Hydrotherapy massage treatments, luxury aromatherapy organic shampoos and conditioners, all-natural ingredient facial scrubs, paw pad moisturizing treatments as well as other decadent indulgences will relax – rejuvenate – revitalize your adoring pet.

Superb Quality Pet Grooming-Award Winning Certified Master Stylist

As your Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Tampa Area mobile pet groomer, we bring head-to-tail luxury, convenience, and quality pet care services to your door step. The areas’ only Mobile Triple Certified Master Groomer.

Customized Convenient Scheduling

Petite Pup Mobile Pet Grooming offers customized grooming schedules that suit your needs and agenda. We come to YOU – at your home, office or resort. Simply request a convenient appointment for personalized luxury dog and cat grooming services.


Mobile Pet Grooming is a luxury convenience service and tends to be moderately more expensive than regular salon prices. Many pet owners find that the one-on-one personal attention they and their cherished pet receive, the time and energy saved by having the mobile salon delivered to their location, the superior quality of grooming and premium organic products utilized – more than make the cost difference worthwhile and a great value.

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*Prices given on the phone are estimates only – based on owner’s description of their pet, sight unseen / and pets that are kept on a regular, consistent grooming schedule of every 2-8 weeks. Pricing is as individual as the many pets we service and based on many variable criteria; such as: condition of your pet’s coat (matted/tangled), long hair/ short hair/ thick/dense coat ,complexity of groom, size of pet, cooperativeness, flea/tick infestation. * We reserve the right to refuse service to pets that have had their coat condition, temperament or size misrepresented.


Full Service Grooming for Dogs

Elite Petite Pup Package – $45+UP (Does Not Include Full Body Haircut)

This package is ideal for short hair/ smooth coated varieties or breeds not requiring haircuts. Includes the following:

  • Soothing, all-natural Bubble Bath and relaxing Hydro -massage
  • Anal glands (external) expression – upon request
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears Cleansed
  • Thorough brushing and inspection of skin wellness
  • Warm air cage-free fluff drying
  • Vitamin enriched coat conditioner
  • Light hair trimming (if required)
  • Shed-Less Treatment*
  • Bows/Bandana
  • Spritz of chemical – free cologne
  • Treats
  • Pooch Smooches

*Double-coated, thick, dense-coated dogs (Shelties, Keeshond, Shepherd, Am. Eskimo, etc.) may incur extra charges as time and condition of coat warrants.

Ultimate Petite Pup and Petite Pup Plus Package – $55+UP

This package is for Dogs requiring Breed Profile Haircuts or Custom “Personality” Trims per the owners’ request and desires.

Includes all of the above amenities PLUS

  • Blueberry Facial Scrub
  • Paw pad moisturizer
  • Breed Profile Haircut/ or custom styling per your request

Le Petite Be’be’ Package – $40+UP

This grooming package is for puppies under 4 months of age and 15 lbs. only.

It is designed to slowly and gently introduce all the grooming steps to the puppy.

*Puppy have started their series of puppy vaccinations. Includes the following:

  • Gentle tearless, all-natural cleansing bubble bath
  • Warm air cage-free fluff drying
  • Full body brushing
  • Light hair trimming on face, feet and sanitary area
  • Gentle ear cleansing
  • Painless nail trimming
  • Bows/Bandana
  • Treats
  • Pooch Smooches!

Additional Spa Services – Add On Extras – Dogs

Health & Hygiene

Ear Cleansing $10
Blueberry Tearless Facial Scrub $5
Anal Glands (External Expression) $10
Aroma or Medicated Shampoo $5/$10
Flea/Tick Shampoo
(*Please Note: As a safeguard for other pets utilizing our grooming and spa services, we cannot accept pets with severe flea/tick infestations . Please inform us when scheduling your pet’s appointment if you suspect an infestation so we may make suggestions for remedies.
Shed-Less Treatment (included with smooth-short haired dogs), extra thick, dense coated dogs $10/$25
Mild De-Matting $10 for first 15 minutes.
(We will not de-mat pets with severe matting as it is in contradiction to our basic philosophy of providing a positive, stress-free enjoyable grooming experience for your pet. Contact Us for suggestions on Severe Matting.

Dental Care

Teeth Brushing (You keep the brush) $10
Breath Refresher Spray (for pets that can’t tolerate brushing) $2
PlaqClnz(R) Brushless Treatment $15 (not retail product)

Nail and Paw Care

Nail Painting $8
Nail Trimming / Dremeling $10/$15
Paw Pad Conditioner $4
SoftPaws(R) – Safe, non-toxic, vinyl nail caps $1.50 ea.

Full Service Grooming for Cats


This grooming service is for “Groomer Friendly”
cats that have been professionally groomed before.

*Please Note: We absolutely will not groom flea/tick infested cats. If your cat is found to have a severe infestation of fleas/ticks they will be returned to you immediately and you will be charged a $50 fee for us to De-Flea our vehicle Without Exception!

**Pelted Cats: If your cat is Pelted (severely matted to the point of the matting being like a “Body Cast” over 75% of their body) we will refer you to a Veterinarian Clinic with on-site grooming facilities.

***Proof of Rabies Vaccination is mandatory – A TAG is NOT proof.

Le Chat – Devine Feline

Short Hair Varieties $53 + UP
Long Hair Varieties $63+UP
Lion Cuts or Variation – Including Teddy Bear (Comb Cut Styling) $75+UP
  • Optimal cleansing all-natural hydrotherapy bubble bath
  • Ear, Eye & Face Cleansing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Warm air cage-less fluff drying
  • Brushing and Combing
  • Light sanitary trim
  • Kitty Kisses

Additional Spa Services – Add on Extras – Cats

SoftPaws (R) – Safe, non-toxic, vinyl nail caps. Safely stops destructive scratching. Lasts 4-6 weeks and will not interfere with pets normal behavior or ability to retract nails. $1.50 ea.
Toe Tuffs Trimmed $8
Sanitary Trim $12
Nail Trim Only $10 (Add on family pet)
Blueberry organic Tearless Facial $5
Stud Tail Degreasing Treatment $5
Feces Removal/Litter Box Remnants $5
Flea/Tick Bath (Minimal sightings) $10
Ruff & Whispies Light Trim $8
Ears Cleansed Only (Add on family pet) $10

**Please have your cat in a carrier 15 minutes prior to our arrival. We will not accept cats if not placed in a carrier. We will charge our minimum service fee of $45 if we arrive and you are unable to locate your cat.

Our policies are in place to protect the safety and well-being of your pets and our ability to serve our clients to the highest of standards. If you have any questions, please Contact Us .

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Luxurious, earth-friendly grooming products

Grooming products

We use earth friendly, natural products in our grooming services. We use Organic Facial Cleansers, Ear Cleansers, Shampoos, Conditioners and Colognes that are cruelty-free, bio-degradable and organic.